Sell Plastic Scrap Recycling and Granulating Production Line

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take the 500kgs as a example:

500kg PET Double-Screw Granulator Set

SHJ75 as the host machine, with compelling feeding device, the eqipment can effictively extrude and granulate the cleaning recycled materials. The detailed specifications are as follows:

a Geer Reducer
b Lube Cooling System
c The Motor Of The Main Machine
d Screw
e Feeding Bucket
f Heating System
g Vacuum Air-Exhausting Device
h Electric Controlling System
i Interlocking System

B One Set Hot-Cutting Auxiliary Machine

C Spare Parts
1 double screw cast-aluminum heating machine 2 pieces
2 single screw cast-aluminum heating machine 1 piece
3 net-exchanging cast-copper heating machine 1 piece
4 input&output oil seal for the wheel box 3 pieces
5 double screw components about 300mm
6 stochastic hardware toolbox 1 piece
7 x30mmX250mm copper stick 1 piece
8 asbestus gloves 2 pairs