Sell Plastic Sheet Making Machine

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With fine quality, beautiful appearance, reliable performance, fast production speed; SB-680, 1000, 1400 plastic sheet unit is the best unit for producing sheet materials such as PP . PS and etc.
1. Maximum output 150kg/h
2. Diameter of screw 100mm
3. Thickness of die mouth 0.3-2mm
4. Diameter of roller 320mm
5. Adjust distance of roller 0-30mm
6. Diameter ratio 1:30
7. Width of die mouth 730mm
8. Number of roller 3
9. Motor power of extruder: 45kw
10. Heating power of drum 14.8kw
11. Heating power of die head 15kw
12. Heating power of screen 5kw
13. Motor power of calendar 2.2kw
14. Motor power of rewinder 0.7Mpa
15. Air consumption 10m3/h
16. Water consumption 0.1m3/h
17. Air pressure 0.3-2mm
18. Sheet thickness range Width Maximum 700mm