Sell Plastic Sheet Production Line

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Plastic Sheet/Plate Production Line

1. Sumarry

The plastic sheet production line is suitable for PP, PS, PE, ABS and other materials. If exchanging the machine model head, PVC, PMMA and PC plate material can also be processed. If drying device, PET sheet material is also able to be processed

2. Features:
A) . This production is for producing PP, PS, PE, ABS and other materials
B) . If machine model head is changed, PVC, PMMA and PC plate materials can also
be processed
C) . If a dry device is added, PET material can also be processed
D) . Screw with special mixing and plasticization fuction.
E) . Coat hanger type die with two throttle design enable to regulate the sheet thickness accurately.
F) . temperature control make the plasticizing process and sheet thickness control more accurate.
G) Horinzontal, vertical or 45 incline type three rollers calenders may be lifted freely.
H) . Sheet thickness shall be regulated by screw and pressing roller.
J) . Separate roller temperature control system to control the temperature of pressing roller to gain even sheet thickness.
k) . Winder with big torque motor, and its speed and tension force adjustable.

3. Technical Parameter

Model: SBP800, SBP1220, SBP2000, SBP5000
Specification of sheet: 800MM, 1220MM, 2000MM, 5000MM
Production capacity: 130kg/h, 200kg/h, 300kg/h 500kg/h
Power: 110mm, 130mm, 165mm, 500mm
Production lenght(m) : 20m, 25m, 30m, 40m