Sell Plastic fences

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Plastic fences adopts hard material with special character, by way of pushing and infusing, it come into standing pole, rail, fences, etc, which is completed by using welding, sticking, hooking and inserting.
product feature:
Strong anti-erosive: traditional wooden or metal fences, being erosive and rusty, especially in acid rain or air pollution, its damage is more serious. Plastic fences, adopted hard UPVC material with special character, will not appear above-mentioned phenomena, which is suitable for all environments from -50 centigrade to +50.
traditional wooden or metal fences will cost time and energy to repair and maintaining, will bring so much trouble to users. Plastic fences for its "once use, for ever use" will make trouble for its maintaining. It is also benefit to environment: traditional fences, if erosion, will pollute water source and environment after catabolism. Plastic fences, adopted hard UPVC material, is a recycling high molecular compound being non-toxic, anti-ultraviolet radiation and anti-oxidation. It never affects water source and environment.