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Our company Dizayn Group has showed a rapid growth in a very short time in its sector in Turkey and became leader in plastic pipe sector with its increasing export volume (more than 60 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Far East, Australia and South America), wide product range and internationaly accredited high quality.

Dizayn Teknik Plastic Pipes and Fittings Co., subsidiary of Dizayn Group, were founded in 1987. Today, Dizayn produces more than 4000 products made of high quality Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) raw materials imported from Europe's leading manufacturers. Our pipes from 12mm up to 2600 mm diameter are utilized to transfer of liquids such as cold and hot water, gas, waste water etc.

Dizayn is one of very few companies around the world who has such wide product range and also the first and only company in the world who can produce 1600 mm HDPE 100 Pipe with 12,5 bar pressure resistance. Our company has also been awarded with the special prize of "international water management" by UNESCO in the 5th International Water Symposium held in Cannes in France in 2003, due to Dizayn's positive and constructive contrubtions to the transfer of water in the World.

from Spain and GOST from Russia approve our production system & products quality.

All DIZAYN products are certified according to ISO, DIN and other national standards by most prestigious Institutes such as DVGW, SKZ, HYGIENE INSTITUTE, MPA-IMA from Germany, KIWA from Holland, QAS from Australia, CMA from China, LNEC from Portugal, AENOR

Dizayns product range is as follows:

A. In House Systems
. PP-R Pipes & fittings for hot-cold water distribution
. PP-R Oxy Stable Pipes for central heating
. PEXb Cross Linked Pipes for central and floor heating+hot-cold water distribution
. Aluminum Radiators
. Towel Radiators
. PP Waste water pipes & fittings for waste discharge systems
B. Infrastructure Network Systems
. PE100 Potable Water Network Pipes & Fittings (X16-X1600 mm)
. HDPE Corrugated Sewage Pipes (X200-X3600 mm)
. HDPE Sea Discharge Pipes & Fittings
. Pre-Insulated Hot Water and Geothermal Pipes & Fittings
. PE80 Natural Gas Pipes & Fittings (X16  X1600 mm)
. HDPE Tanks for Water and Chemical Storage
C. Agricultural Irrigation Systems

. HDPE Sprinkling Irrigation Pipes & Fittings

We offer our international partners a mutually beneficial co-operation by granting the following benefits;

- High quality products at very competitive prices,

- Free show-room material and show-room design for at least 50-100 m2 place.

- Product liability insurance covering and compensating any loss due to bad performance of the product (up to 2.550.000 EURO value).

- Efficient advertisement and promotion support in parallel to annual sales figures.

- Technical training support twice a year.

- Ability to develop new products with strong research & development concept for your market needs.

- Premium over the exceeding annual sales target.

- Local fair support.