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The equipment is hoist mode evaporator; The materials pass among the plates and evaporated after being heated by the steam. The gas and fluid mixture is discharged form the exit and enters the separator, separating the gas and fluid in it so as to obtain condensed materials and secondary steam. In multi-level evaporation, the condensed materials and secondary steam will enter the next level evaporator to evaporate.

The core element of the equipment is heat transfer plate; Each plate''s effective heat exchange area is 0.4square meters, 4 plates of different configuration form a group. According to engineering requirements, a set of plate evaporators may consist of several or dozens of groups, and mounted in the framework which is comprised of the fixed pressure plate, active pressure plate, front strut, top and bottom guide bar, and pressure stud.

The equipment structure is compact and efficient (the total drive coefficient is 2 - 4 times the pipe evaporator) . It is also very convenient to remove, install and clean. Fluid holding volume is very low; The materials'' exposure to high temperature is short. The equipment can be used for juice, dairy, and other material condensation.

Manufacture material:
1) Plate, connecting pipe: 304, 316, 316L
2) Gasket: Standard BUNa-N and EPDM which are complied with food rubber gasket
3) Framework: Carbon steel, the direct contacts with the materials would all be furred with stainless steel, or covering the entire surface of carbon steel with stainless steel according to the customers'' requirements
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