Sell Plate Vulcanizer Products(Frame type)

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Plate Vulcanizer Products(Frame type)


The machine applies to sulfurizing various kinds of rubber and plastic model products as well as non-model products.

The machine is in frame structure with below pressing form (upwards) . Under the working hydraulic pressure, the embolism ascends to make hot plate close for getting pressure, while the embolism descends (namely hot plate turning on) by deadweight of hot plate, platform and embolism to drive working fluid to fuel reserve tank to achieve the aim of descending (namely turning on) .
Made of nodular cast iron, the oil cylinder of machine is improved in compressive strength and wear resistance. Seal ring made of oil-proof rubber is placed in oil cylinder to have sealing effect in working process of this machine.

Combined oil pump, power source of the machine, provides working fluid with certain pressure. Working fluid enters into oil cylinder by control valve to make control handle on control valve turn to different places, and then embolism is able to ascend or descend.

Adopting tubular electric-heating component to heat up, the machine can reduce air pollution to keep workshop clean without boiler.
The machine is beautiful in shape, rational in structure, convenient in control, safe and credible as well.