Sell Plough-Shear Mixer

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LDH Plough-shear Mixer mainly consists of conveying system, horizontal body, plough-shears and choppers. Under the compounding fuction of the plough-shears and choppers, the materials convert, expand, turn aroud continually, so we can obtain a good mixing in a short time.

This machine is a novel and effective mixing advice. Its fuctions and technical parameters are equivelent with the well-known products from Lodige, wamgroup and Reimelt. It is widely used in the chemical, medication, dye&pigment, pesticide, mine and construction lines for mixing solid and solid, solid and liquid in the wet granulating and drying works. It specialized in mixing viscous and gluey additives. With high speed and efficiency, stable running, low energy consumption, convenient installation and mainenance, it can improve the quality of product, at the same time reduce the cost.