Sell Plywood For Construction and Furniture

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our product has been exported to many countries because of excellent quality and fine price. our product line is film faced plywood, okoume, birch , pine and MDF etc. . for example, our film faced plywood is produced by national standard GB/T 17656-1999, here is some details about this standard.
national standard GB/T 17656-1999

1. moisture no more than 10%
2. density 510kg/m3
3. wearing and tear value no more than 0.1g/100r
4. resistance to erode 40kj/m2
5. modulus of elasticity (MOE) 5000MPa
6. modulus of rupture (MOR) 24Mpa static bending strength
7. warping degree no more than 1%
8. thickness tolerance +0.5mm, -0.5mm
9. thickness expanding rate no more than 8%
this product is already overall validated by ISO9001:2000 international quality system authentication.

Supply Capacity
1220x2440mm or 1250x2500mm