Sell Plywood

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We supply many kind of fancy plywood, such as wenge, red olive, poplar, burma teak, red oak, black walnut, golden teak, bintangor, okoume, paulownia, and so many other plywoods.
The plywood is one of furniture commonly used materials, is one kind of building board. Spreads across the tube blank which after the rubberizing veneer according to the grain direction matches, in the heating or does not heat up under the condition suppresses becomes. The layer is an odd number generally, minority also has the even number. Direction physical and mechanical nature difference are vertically and horizontally small. Commonly used has the glued wood, the five-layer plywood and so on. The plywood can raise the lumber use factor, is the main way to save lumber. May also supply the airplane, the ships, the train, the automobile, the building and the packing case and so on makes the timber wood