Sell Pneumatic Flat/ Cylindrical Hot Stamping Machine(TWT-138FM)

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Name: Pneumatic Flat/ Cylindrical Hot Stamping Machine
Model: TWT-138FM
Heating wattage: 800W;
Max. Stamping Pressure: 200kg;
Voltage: 220V
Size of Stamping : 220mm*120mm
Mix. Circle:220mm

1. Control program for flat/cylindrical stamping stored and cylindrical stamping available on relevant fixture attachment;
2. Worktable auto moving forward and backward, left and right flexible, easy operation;
3. Stamping pressure/temperature/speed all adjustable;
4. Auto foil winding and foil collecting length adjustable;
5. Stamping head height adjustable.
6. Micro-processor controlling, pneumatic units driving;
7. High precision sensor (electronic eye) is designed to monitor the black dot on the foil for feeding control. If no black dot is available, the feeding will be controlled by a timer.
8. It can print a golden line on the cap of plastic bottle, print picture on the bottle body.