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Name: Pneumatic Heat Transfer Machine
Model: TWH-800M
Machine Size (L*W*H) : 3200*1100*2200mm
Max. Printing Area: 760mm*380mm (Flat) ;
300*380mm (Circle)
Heating wattage: 2400W;
Power: 220/110V 60/50Hz;

1. Microprocessor control and LCD display (English version available) allow simple operation;
2. High precision photo sensor is used to monitor and control the feeding of foil with dots and a timer is used for the foil without dots;
3. Stamping head height is adjustable to meet the requirements for different substrates with various heights;
4. Worktable can be adjusted forward/backward and left/right, and turned slightly;
5. Profiling mechanism ensures proper stamping on irregular substrates;
6. Capable of adjusting the stamping pressure, temperature and speed;
7. Using pneumatic-hydraulic conversion cylinder to ensure smooth stamping;
8. Auto foil feeding and collecting and the feeding length adjustable.