Sell Pneumatic hot melt machine

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power: 220V/4200W
Air pressure: 0.1-0.5mpa
Speed: 2.5KG/HR
Viscosity: 500-20000cps
capacity: 1 kgs
Output volume: 80cc/min
Timers: Direct panel control
temperature: 20-2200
Nozzle: spray Nozzle
spray width: 0.02mm-8mm
Dimension: 40 x34 x54CM
Weight: 4kg


the machine is light and small. easy to move can be placed in the job location
close distance dispensing dot, spraying line.
1 kgs capacity deep rectangular PTFE coated tank.
Adopts intelligent temperature control system, Analog controls provide temperature settings of tank. valve
2 zone temperature control up to 2200
The rapid switch is used for opening and closing, operated simply and safely.
The machine is installed with special nozzle. It can coating glue 2-10mm width.
Designed for low and medium viscosity dispensing up to 30,000 cps.
Direct port for control devices, timers and foot switches
Reduced material degradation.
Over-temperature safety protection.
using for Such as footwear, leather goods, boxes, jewelry, toys, electronic products positioning of the glass a small area and at close range adhes