Sell Pocket Digital Motion Detect Video Recorder

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Product Description
The function of Pocket Digital Motion Detect Audio/VideoRecorder(PVR/AVR) can be sumarized:PVR=CCTV+DVR. PVR can shoot and record automatically/manually once moving object appears. It can record video; Besides, user can browse images on TV(monitor) or computer (need to install a SD reader) at any moment andcan save the images in the computer.

Product Feature
1, Immediately getting into the work of "Detect motion object" after power on;
2, Automatically take photos/record Immediately when detect the movtive objects;
3, If object is immobile or the object stop moving, does't record or stoprecording;
4, Equip 128M SD card, can store about 2000 photos or 400 video clips;
5, Use a 2G SD card to store about 28800 photoes/4850 video clips;
6, It adopt DC12V, special fit for recoding in car;
7, It adopt DC3.7V, special fit for police or takeby;
8, DC12V directly supply to the CCD/CMOS camera;
9, With port of outside triggers shooting /recording;
10, With port of ‿ detect signal output‿ BR>11, Memorize presetted parameter and it will not lose when power off;
12, The stored photos/ video clips will not lose when power off;
13, Choose 12V/1800mAh special rechargeable lithium battery;
14, Can connect with alarm system/video doorphone;
15, Support the video signal of NTSC/ PAL;
16, The recording date as file name, the format of picture is JPEG, and the format of video is AVI ;
17, Lookup the photo or video by the record date(time) ;
18, No need maintenance, start working once turn on;
19, No need to install software;
20, Lock button ;
21, Support playback the image on TV/ Monltor/Computer;
Model Instruction:
1, Work voltage of It is DC12V, record video;
2, Work voltage of It is DC3.7V, with built-in lithium battery, record video;
Apply Range:
Audio/Video Recorder has enormous application value on home, supermarket, store , house school kindergarten and office security & protection. It also can replace the alarm system, so it is a poular DVR.