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Products introduction:
TAIDEA sharpener adopts two pieces whetting design, which increases the whetting speed and quality greatly. Coarse grinding part adopts high rigidity alloys, removing the cutter surface metal by cutting steel scraps to modification a dull edge. The fine grinding part uses special wear proof ceramic materials, which modifies dull edge more and increases the blade quality more. Super strong materials ABS in adoption in main body, guaranteed the product external appearance bright, and meet the environmental protection request.
The protection designs, adopting the middle V slot and adding double sides higher, be safer while whetting cutter.
Nonskid design is divided two parts; base design uses special soft nonskid rubber material, keeping contacting most of the table top and can't move. Handing part adopts rhombus salient point nonskid designs that cause safe handholding with small energizing.
Portable and mini designs, small volume, make use of space very well. Moreover, the easy taking and hanging bead chain designed; show the characteristics of the easy to store and portable.

1, Up the gray V slot of the sharpener, hold the rhombus protuberant part by hand, put sharpener
vertical to the table top that nonskid soft rubber contact the table top well.
2, Place the cutter (that demand whetting) on the V t slot perpendicularly; Make an effort slightly to pull hereafter the knife, repeat several times, till the blade sharper

Ideally for:
1, Maintenance of all kinds of family knives
2, Maintenance of knives in restaurant and public location
3, Maintenance of garden knives
4, Maintenance of fieldwork knives

1, Put rhombus protuberant part on the V slot perpendicularly
2, Make an effort slightly to pull hereafter the knife till the blade sharper for find grinding
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