Sell Poem Drawing of Guan Yu From The Forest of Stone Tablets

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One of the most feared and respected Generals in all of China. He, Liu Bei, and Zhang Fei swore an oath of brotherhood and promised to fight the rebels, rule with virtue, and restore the Han Dynasty. He furnished the famous weapon called the "Black Dragon, " and rode the famous steed, "The Red Hare. " After Liu Bei's defeat at Xu Chou, Liu Bei fled to Yuan Shao, and Guan Yu was forced to join Cao Cao under certain circumstances. The brothers were reunited and Guan Yu served him until Liu Bei finally became the Emperor of Shu. He was the first of the Five Tiger Generals, and Governor of Jingzhou. He was captured by Lu Meng during the Battle at Yi Ling and both he, and his son Guan Ping were executed by Sun Quan of Wu. Guan Yu's spirit haunted Lu Meng to death. Guan Yu also killed Yan Liang, Wen Chou, Pang De, Hua Xiong, some of the most strongest and bravest officers. Today, Guan Yu is the God of War and temples were built in his honor. It? reported that Guan Yu have not been moved by Cao cao? many award when he have been kept in Wei for twelve years, and been concerned about Liu Bei all the day. When he killed Yan Yan and Wen Chou , he knew that Liu Bei is in Yuan Shao? barrack, and wanted to met him. In order to make Liu Bei not to suspect his loyalty, he make this drawing ?ain bamboo? and indicate his loyalty. The poem sentences are composed of many leafage of bamboo.