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Point-Line Meshing Gear Reducer
Detailed Product Description
Point-line meshing gear is a new gear appearing after involute cylindrical gear and circular arc gear. DQJ and DQJD series point-line meshing gear reducers are normal size products with large scale and high added technical value. It was designed successfully according to JB/T1048-2004 by our company which applies point-line meshing gear driving technique to the field of middle-hard tooth flank reducers for cranes.

Brief features:
1) Advanced technical level of international
2) Outstanding performance
3) Higher capability price ratio
4) Longer service life and higher reliability
5) Applicable for the driving gear of mechanical equipment used in hoisting transportation, metallurgy, chemical industry and light industry

Point-line meshing gear is in volute line-meshing and point-meshing of contacting between volute male tooth profile and transition curve female tooth profile. So it has excellence of the two reducers of involute gear and circular arc gear.

Detailed features:
1) High load capacity. It is improved one or two troubles in the same involute gear reducers. Its sizes may double and its weight may be reduced about half as it passes the same power
2) Gear has characteristic that is possible to detach, and the central distance error and cutter depth error have no effect on driving and strength, because teeth including involute line meshing and female tooth profile are made with generation. The characteristic is better than circular arc gear
3) High strength. It can be easy to connect 100% with face width under the plain madden accuracy. It is optimum longitudinal load distributions. Teeth do avalanche angle and break. Breaking form of gear teeth in breaking test is breaking along total facewidth in 30-degree tangent. The characteristic is better than involute gear and circular arc gear
4) Low noise. Since there are both transverse contact ration and overlap ratio at the time of engagement of teeth, total contact ration is large, meshing accuracy is high, driving is stable, noise is 5 - 10dB(A) lower than the involute gear reducers with the same accuracy. (It is lower than the involute gear reducers grinded with 6 classes) . As the load is higher, the noise is lower. (The noise is 2 - 3dB lower in full load than in light load. )
5) It is easy to form oil film, wearing little on the working state, service life is long when the reducer is used for decelerating
6) High efficiency of mechanical drive with single class up to 98% and double class up to 97%

There are same outline and mounting sizes between the DQJ (DQJD) series reducers and QJ (QJD) series reducers. Thinking limited that is selected by improved one size according to load capacity. Weight can reduce about 30% as driving the same power. AT one time, for selecting expediently, nominal transmission ratio is extended R20 series for the old R10 series.
Input and output shaft extension of the reducer for hoisting mechanism of crane is in the same side. It connects with motor and winding drum, center distance of reducers shouldn't too little. If reducers with hard tooth surface are selected, it makes waste of carrying capacity and the same price. (The structure doesn't allow little. )
Applied hear DQJ series Point-Line meshing gear reducers can meet of strength, service life, reliability and low cost, it is best selection.

1) Circumferential speed of gear wheel <=16m/s
2) Rotation speed of high shaft<=1500r/min
3) Operating ambient temperature:-40C--+50C
4) Operable both forwards and backwards
Applicable for the driving gear of mechanical equipment used in hoisting transportation, metallurgy, chemical industry and light industry.
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3,000 Units Per Month
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