Buy Poker size 100% plastic poker playing cards

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This offer to purchase is directed towards manufacturers only.

Our Company is a leading supplier of gaming and gambling to US and Canadian market.
We are prepared to penetrate this market with high quality Casino playing Cards. We will start with regular poker size cards and expand to Black Jack and other playing cards.
We like to put together a set of poker decks in a hardboard box of high quality.
Cards must be 100% plastic or Polypropylene. We will require a few different quality cards in different packaging, but our priority to start with is a very high quality PVC or Polypropylene plastic card . The back of card must be non-slippery (has varnish or fiber in the material of the plastic)

If you are familiar with Copag (made in Brazil or Modiano (made in Italy) or Kem Cards made in USA, these are similar to qualities we are looking for.

This project is for serious potential partners that care and do not mind to fork the cost of sending us a few sample cards to sell their own products.


If you are not willing or can not afford to send a few sample cards to promote your own business, perhaps you are not the kind of partners we are seeking.

With respect to all the above I am furnishing the readers of this announcement with both our addresses in China and in States.
Our preference would be to send samples to our USA address to speed up the process, since time is of essence.
Nevertheless if you prefer and have to send your samples to our China office, respond and we will furnish you with our China address.

We will start with 5000 sets ( 10,000 decks of cards ) and if it is all satisfactory anticipate to order up to 100,000 decks per month in a a few short months.