Sell Polarization Maintaining Jumper

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Polarization Maintaining jumper
Polarization jumpers have orthogonal slow and fast axes with different propagation constants. There is little coupling between the polarization modes, therefore, light launched on one axis would propagate on that axis. It features high extinction ratio as a result of very accurate active alignment between PM Major axis and the connector key. Various PM fiber and connectors are available.

Specifications: Parameters Unit Value
Key orientation Slow axis
Axis alignment deg. 30
Wavelength nm <980* 1060* 1310 1480 or 1550
Maximum Insertion Loss dB 0.5
Typical Insertion Loss dB 0.4 0.5
Optical Return Loss dB >=50 >=60
Extinction Ratio dB >=23
Maximum Optical Power mw 300
Fiber Length Tolerance % 10
Operation Temperature 0C -5 to 75
Storage Temperature 0C -40 to 85
* Typical insertion loss 0.1dB higher for shorter wavelengths