Sell Policosanol 99.99%, Octacosanol 10 to 90%.

Policosanol 99.99%, Octacosanol 10 to 90%. You May Also Be Interested In: octacosanol policosanol
Offering Policosanol.
Effects of policosanol supplementation have been proven by studies of humans and animals.
Effective LDL reduction,
Increases HDL levels,
Amelioration of coronary heart disease,
Increases utilization (hence elimination) of visceral fat,
Improves muscle endurance,
Help intermittent claudication,
Claims as following that have been made for policosanol are debatable.
Improves sexual activity and libido,
Increases production of sex hormones,
Improves physical strength and muscle reflexes,
Prevention of muscle spasms,
Reduces lipid peroxidation (rancidity) ,
Improves resistance to stress,
Raising of basal metabolism,
Increases hypotensive (blood-pressure-lowering) effect of beta-blockers,
Protection of endothelial (blood vessel) cells.
Supply Capacity
500 kgs per month
Minimum Order Quantity
1 kg