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Product Name: Policosanol
Ingredients: 50-90%
Specification: Octacosanol
Test Method: GC
Source: extracted from the natural sugar cane wax.
Effective Ingredients: Rice Bran wax
Product Name : Octacosanol
Molecular formula: CH3(CH2)27OH
Molecular weight: 410.5
Molecular Structure:

Mainly specification and test method :
Octacosanol 90%
Octacosanol 80%
Octacosanol 70%
Octacosanol 50%
Physical & chemic character:
Appearance: White powder or scaly crystalline powder with no odor and smell.
Loss On drying: <=3%
Ash: <=2%
Mesh size: 100% pass 80 mesh
Heavy Matal: <=10ppm
Microbiological Index
Total Bacterial: <=1000 /g
Mold& Yeast: <=100 /g
E Coil: Negative
Salmonelia: Negative
1. Swelling the resistance, energy, physical strength.
2. Improving the delicacy of the reaction.
3. Improving the Capability of responding to stimuli.
4. Promoting the function of sex hormone.
5. Improving the heart muscle function.
6. Reducing the cholesterol, blood fat, systole blood pressure.
7. Improving the body metabolism.
Package:25Kgs fiber drum with two double plastic bags with non toxic inside.
Storage: Keep away from the direct sunlight, two years if not open the package.