One Time Sell Polo-shirt stocklot

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90 degree color + Embroidery

PK cloth (High quality pure cotton)

6000 pcs, 3000 pcs in red color, 3000 pcs in black and green colors

no defects guarantee

L, XL & XXL American sizes

weight over 325gm

delivery within 7 days of confirmation of order

Free samples are available provided freight is paid by the consignee

FOB price only US$1.95 per piece

The stockot is alomost 6 months old but there is no rejection or defect in the goods. Serious buyers are invited. We have over production of 150 pieces of locaste polo-shirt as well which we want to sale with this stock. Rates are different for brand. You can please contact us to proceed with the deal.

Sales Manager
Nouman Qayyum
Elegance Hosiery