Sell Poly/Poly Cotton/Poly Core Spun Sewing Thread

Poly/Poly Cotton/Poly Core Spun Sewing Thread You May Also Be Interested In: core sewing thread core spun sewing thread poly spun sewing thread poly/cotton core spun sewing thread spun sewing thread
Key features & specification:

1 counts: 55/2, 52/2, 45/2, 40/2, 30/2, 28/2, 20/2, 16/2, 40/3, 30/3, 28/3, 20/3, 16/3

2 super high tenacity

3 super low elongation

4 excellent anti-static effect & anti-corrosiveness

5 unique feature of no break knots
This item is made of polyester, spun from stable . It is featured by excellent resistance to short term wet exposure, Excellent strength. Good resistance to most organic solvents, Excellent mildew resistance.

Name Specification USAGE
29.5t X 2(20s/2) 3000Y 5000M Jeans, shoes, caps, leather products. etc
29.5t X 3(20s/3) 2000Y 3000M Jeans, shoes, handbags, leather products. etc
19.7t x 2(30s/2) 3000Y 5000Y Art crafts, handbags, sewing of keyhole and fastener, etc.
19.7t x 3(30s/3) 3000Y 5000Y Tents, jeans, leather products, shoes ect
14.8t x 2(40s/2) 3000M 5000Y 10000Y Suits, trousers, coats, Sewing of bottom hole and fastener, etc.
11.8t x 2(50s/2) 5000Y 10000Y Knitted garments, fashionable dress, suit-dress, etc