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CAS No. : 1327-41-9
Molecular Formular: [Al2(OH) nCl6-n]m m, n 1-5,
Inspection Method: Refer to Chinese GB15892-1995 or Japanese JISK 1475 standards

Poly aluminium chloride, abbreviated as pac, is a new type, high-effective inorganic polymer flocculam. It is the product between alcl3 and al(oh)3, polymerized by building a briage through hydroxyl. Its chemical formula is [al2(oh) ncl6-n]m, in which m<10, n<5. Pac is easily dissolved in water and has a strong bridge-building adsorption performance. During the process of hydrolysis, there are physial and chemical changes such as electric chemistry, condensation, adsorption and presipitation, etc.
Compared with other coagulants, this product possesses the following advantages.
1. Wider application, better water adaptation.
2. Quickly shape big alum bubble, and with good precipitation.
3. Better adaptation to PH value(5-9) , and little declining range of PH value and alkalinity of water after treatment.
4. Keeping stable precipitation effect at lower water temperature.
5. Higher alkalization than other aluminium salt and iron salt, and little erosion to equipments.


Note: PAC is used for the Drinking Water Treatments; PACV is used for the industry grades

Uses: This product is mainly used in the purification of the drinking water and the treatment of industrial sewage, such as sewage with oil, the sewage of textile, printing, papermaking mill etc, and the treatment of some special water, such as the water with radioactivity pb++, cr+++, poisonous heavy metal or fluorine, etc. In addition, it is also widely used in precis casting, papermaking and leathermaking, etc.

Package: In 25 kg net P. P. Woven bags with P. E. In line; 20MT in one 20'FCL

Key Words: Poly Aluminium Chloride; [Al2(OH) nCl6-n]m; PAC.
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