Sell Poly-aspartic acid

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Environment-friendly fertilizer synergist :

Poly-aspartic acid (salt) for calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, iron and boron and other elements have a strong chelation, and in the soil it is very easy access to the plant roots, so plants can get a wealth of nutrition. Its degradation product aspartic acid is also essential nutrients, and it can promote plant growth. Poly-aspartic acid (salt) and compound fertilizers, the fertilizer wrapped in the surface, through the slow degradation of the gradual release fertilizer, which serves to slow-release fertilizer nutrients so that crops always have fertilizer, not premature aging effect. Meanwhile, the Poly aspartic acid (salt) has a strong absorption, with a moisturizing function. Therefore, the poly-aspartic acid (salt) can improve efficiency of fertilizer to promote plant growth, while itself is a fertilizer, which can be absorbed by plants, not to destroy the soil to avoid contamination. So Poly-aspartic acid (salt) is a very good full of green fertilizer synergist.