Sell Polyacrylamide (PAM)

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Polyacrylamide (PAM for short) is a unidimensional high polymer, easily dissolved in water, and its water solution is almost transparent thick fluid, with noncorrosivity and innocuity, and not belong to dangerous goods. Solid PAM is featured of moisture property, flocculability, bindability, thickening ability, and good stability. Application: Moleculae in polyacrylamide have masculin

Application: Moleculae in polyacrylamide have masculine gene (-CONH2) which can adsorb suspended particles scattering in solutions, and polyacrylamide have superior flocculation ability, and are widely used in water treatment, mining, coal preparation, asbestos product, petrochemical industry, paper making, textile industry, refining sugar, medical industry, and environmental protection industry.
Supply Capacity
100,000 Mt per year