Sell Polyaluminium Chloride

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Application method Packing Stores up
1. When use solid product, first adds water the dissolution matches 5 - 10% solution, but after Dilutes Again to needs the density, when dissolution first adds water carries on stirs slowly feeds in raw material: The after dilution solution is best within 24 hours uses up, in order to avoid has the hydrolisis reduces the use effect. This product throws the increment regards the source water Muddy and the purification equipment but different, must first do the coagulation Precipitates Experiments determines it best throws the increment.
2. Liquid the poly aluminium chloride Uses the polyethylene plastic barrel packing, each barrel only heavy 25kg, 50kg or 200kg. Uses the double-decked bung, Insidecovers buckles strictly, Outsidecovers tightens. When the user needs, the liquid gathers the aluminum chloride also serviceable stores the tanker ships. Solid product with double-decked packed in bags, each bag of only heavy 25kg, the inner layer is the plastic bag, outside the level weaves the bag for the plastic. This product should store up in ventilates in the dry storehouse, strictly prohibits the rain drenching, being affected with damp