Sell Polyamide Curing Agent

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1. Features:Polyamide Curing Agent are vegetable oils and ethylene amines dimer acid synthesis, the curing agent and epoxy resin should be Medium has the following advantages:
1at room temperature, it has good curing properties.
2. it has good adhesion, easy to peel off, with good bending properties and excellent resistance to impact resistance.
3. it has excellent insulating properties.
4. it has wider range than epoxy resin easy to operate, a mixture of it has long operate period.
5. polyamide curing agent of low toxicity, can be applied to a number of health protection, food applications.
2. Use:polyamide curing agent field of application:
1. apply for epoxy primer, and the coated mortar.
2. used in pipe surface as anti-corrosion coating.
3. used in water tanks and food package as coatings to prevent water leak.
4. insulating materials, electronic potting material.
5. reinforce material such as epoxy glass.
6. it's widely used in epoxy glue.
7. antirust paint and antisepsis coatings.
3. Appearance:yellow to brown red transparent liquid.
4. Packing:plastic drum or iron drum lined with plastic packing, barrel, net weight 190 kg.
5. Storage:Store in a cool and dry place.