Sell Polyamide Hot-Melt Adhesive

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Polyamide Hot-Melt Adhesive is produced by the reaction of dimer acid and polyamine. It has good adhesion performance to wood, metal, ceramics, piexegooks, phenolic resin, polyethylene and so on. The product is maily used in cable heat-contractive cover and the seal of electric equipment's tie-in, adhesion and fix-up of electronic components used in the TV deflection coil. In the fields of fabric, leather, wood, plastic, metal, ceramics, refrigerator and car core filter it is also widely used.
1. Product name:Polyamide Hot-Melt Adhesive
2. Features:Transparent, light yellow viscous solid, non-toxic, no stimulation, soluble in most organic solvents, non-soluble in water.
3. Use:Ployamide hot-melt adhesive can be soluble in general organic solvents. It has good mechanical strenth, good fluidity, excellent tenacity, and high adhesion strenth. This product is fit to be used for the adhesion of materials, fabrics, leather, lumber, plastic, metal, ceramics, etc.
4. Packing:PP woven bag(lined with polyethylene plastic film) packing, net wet 25kg/bag.
5. Storage:Store it inacool and dry place. Seal the bag if unused and also keep it cool and dry.