Sell Polyamide resin DL-326

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Profile:DL-326 is alcohol-solute polyamide resin, high melt temperature is 18002000, thermopile better than the other resin. Solution is not gel at low temperature, the strength of anti-gel can be strength . Add to polyamide resin ink, can strength the ability of anti- friction, anti-nick, anti-oil . Add to high quality, special ink of performance requirement , may many function palces. DL-326B is a modification alcohol polyamide resin which draw into special compound, excellent heat resistance , stand fire and excellent adhesive to many films.
Excellent heat resistance, stand fire
Good adhesion on film
High gloss
Perfect transparent, showing the bright color of pigment completely
Excellent alcohol tolerance
Is not gel at low temperature
Anti- friction, anti-nick, anti-oil
Heat and high temperature ink
Flex printing ink
Paper, film, aluminum foil printing ink
Heat-sealing ink
Intaglio printing ink
Overprint varnish
Item DL-326A DL-326B
Color <=12 <=8.5
Acid value <=15 <=6
Amine value <=15 <=6
Viscosity 100-200(45%) 150-200
Soft point0 180-200 140-150
Plastic knit bag/25kg