Sell Polycotton Cohesive Flexible Bandage(Sofwin)

Polycotton Cohesive Flexible Bandage(Sofwin) You May Also Be Interested In: cohesive flexible bandage latex adhesive skin clothing
Sofwin is made of cotton and nylon. It is extremely soft, breathable and comfortable, easy to apply and remove. It selfadhesiveness greatly facilitates application.

 Poly-cotton substrate
 Latex adhesive
 Cut edge
 Sticks to itself, does not stick to hair, skin, clothing, no clips or fastners
 Extremely soft, breathable and comfortable
 Great confomability
 Stable and reliable cohesiveness
 Water resistent
 Good elasticity, appromixately 100% stretch

Item Size Color Packing(rolls/box)
CP0420 4cm x 20m Blue/White/Yellow
CP0620 6cm x 20m -
CP0820 8cm x 20m -
CP1020 10cm x 20m -
CP0404 4cm x 4m -
CP0604 6cm x 4m -
CP0804 8cm x 4m -
CP1004 10cm x 4m -

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