Sell Polydextrose, Glucose Polymer

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General Name Polydextrose Glucose Polymer
Polydextrose is a polysaccharide composed of randomly cross-linked glucose with all types of glycosidic bonds, containing minor amounts of bound sorbitol and acid. may supply the needs of food fiber for human body. the international nutriology experts have listed it as "the seventh nutrient" continues water, sugar, fat, protein, vitamin and mineral substance.

Health Function
1. To adjust the metabolizing of fat clinic experiments show that a proper sum of soluble fibre in small intestines can produce a layer of membrane, which can prevent the absorbing of fat in the alimentary canal and accelerate the excretion of lipoid compounds, so that it is able to adjust the sum of fat in blood and prevent blood vessel disease in heart and brain.
2. To improve the metabolizing of glucide soluble fibres can reduce the absorption of glucide, while they themselves can not be absorbed . Low-sugar and low-heat food is helpful to diabetics.
3. To cure constipation and prevent diarrhea soluble fibres can preserve moisture, accelerate the peristalsis of intestines, soften and enlarge dejecta, and in the end expedite excretion.
4. To enhance immunity ability since soluble fibres are good at preserving moisture, they can dilute the consistence of the harmful things in intestines and expedite excretion. Clinic practice proves that soluble fibres can prevent and cure cancer , particularly colon cancer , in some ways.

1. Confectionery: A combination of high water solubility and high viscosity means that polydextrose can be used to make hard or chewy sweets which are sugar free yet are good to eat.
2. Beverages: Polydextrose can improve mouthfeel by providing body without gumminess. It can be used for clarity and visual appeal in transparent beverages and is an ideal source for fibre beverages.
3. Chocolate: Polydextrose can replace sucrose in chocolate yet provide a warm, creamy texture without a mouth-cooling effect or a scratchy after-taste.
4. Frozen desserts: High viscosity and freezing point depression allow polydextrose to replace sugar and fat and still give creamy, smooth and highly palatable desserts.
5. Cultured dairy products: Even at low usage levels, litesse gives yoghurts and soft cheeses thickness and viscosity without gumminess, contributing a pleasant body and creamy mouthfeel.
6. Baked goods - sweet & savoury: Used to replace sugar and some of the fat, polydextrose has humectant properties and controls water activity which maintain - and even improve - the shelf life of baked products.
7. Nutrition bars: Polydextrose is widely used to improve the nutritional profile of nutrition bars, such as reducing the sugar, fat and caloric content and lowering the product's glycaemic load.
8. Fruit spreads & fillings: High water solubility and viscosity mean that polydextrose can be used to replace sugar and build solids in fruit spreads and fillings.

Product Description
Colour : white
Figure : powder
Particle size : 40 to 80 mush
Content(dry goods none ash) : min 92%
Moisture : max 4.0%
Glucose : max 4.0%
Molecule weight: min 3000
PH of a 10% water solution : 2.5-7.0
Pb : max 0.5 mg/Kg
As : max 0.5 mg/Kg
Bacterium count : max 10000 cfu/g
Mildew :negative
Pathogen: none

Packing: In packed kraft bag net each 25kg