Sell Polyester Geocomposite

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Rg is a high strength geocomposite using the separation and filtration performance of a regular polyester, reinforced with high tenacity polyester yarns. These reinforcement fibers are permanently combined with the non-woven base by weft insertion knitting to provide a very strong multi-functional geosynthetics.
High tensile strength, even deformation in length and breadth, high water penetration, inverse filter, endurance, softness and elasticity.
Ribbing, inverse filtering, drainage, guard, isolation
Engineering application
( 1) reinforce dam, drain water, inverse filter, equalize bottom stress, even ground deformation, prevent silt block, accelerate concretion and water drainage, increase ground strength and stability.
( 2) block soil, increase stability.
( 3) dam drainage, enhance inverse filter and drainage.
( 4) drainage of hidden pipe.
Polyester yarn, polyester non-woven geotextile