Sell Polyester dope dyed yarn FDY

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We can provide polyester dope dyed yarn(POY, FDY, DTY) in various kinds and complete colors as per clients' requirements.
Main Specifications:
POY (Bright and SD ) 125D/36F , 165D/36F , 250D/48F , 250D/96F , 500D/96F , 750D/144F, 750D/224F,1000D/192F
DTY (Bright and SD, N-IM and IM) 75D/36F,100D/36F , 150D/36F , 150D/48F,200D/96F , 300D/96F , 450D/144F,450D/224F, 600D/192F
FDY ( Trilobal Bright ) 150D/48F,150D/72F , 170D/72F , 300D/96F , 450D/144F , 600D/192F
Ployester Embroidery thread 150D/2 , 150D/3 , 300D/2, 300D/3

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