Sell Polyester filter cloth

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Polyester Filter Cloth
Thermal stability: 1200
Elongation at Break: 20%--50%
Fracture strength (g/d) : 438
Softening point: 2380--2400
Fusing point: 2550--2600
Resistant to concentrated acid and weak alkali
Resistant to Abrasion

Categories: polyester long fiber filters cloth, polyester staple fiber filter cloth.
Applications: pharmacy, sugar industry, food industry, chemicals, metallurgy, industrial filter press, filters cloth for centrifugal machine etc.

Product Type: Polyester long fibers filter cloth: 60-8(130) 60-10(240) 60-9(206) 60-7(621) 611 625
Polyester staple fibers filter cloth: 120-7(5926) 120-12(734) 120-12(734) 120-13(745) 120-14(747) 120-15 120-16(3927) 858