Sell Polyester-imide/Polyamide-imide  enameled wire

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Available builds Single Heavy
Code 2EI/AIW/200 1EI/AIW/200
Q(ZY/XY) -1/200 Q(ZY/XY) B-1/200 Q(ZY/XY) -2/200 Q(ZY/XY) B-2/200
Composition Copper and polyester-imide overcoated with polyamide-imide resin
Characteristic Good Thermal endurance resistance, chemical resistance, as well as excellent mechanical and electrical properties.
Application Class C motors, electrical appliance and refrigerant system.
Rectangular wire Thickness 1.00-4.00mm Width 2.00-12.50mm
Round wire 0.100-4.000mm
Temp. index 200
Test Cut-through
Flexibility and adhesion
Continuity of insulation
Solvent resistance
Applicable specification IEC317 IEC851 GB6109 GB4074 JIS3202 JIS3003