Sell Polyester needle punched filter felt

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Our company selects 1.2D, 2D and 2.5D excellent polyester fibers, which manufactured in big chemical fiber factory, and uses introduced equipment to produce PET (polyester) fiber needle punched filter felt. The polyester needle punched felts are produced with advanced and introduced equipment. It can uniformly blend over five kinds of fibers that are different materials and specifications, and through a series of blending cotton machines and carding looms that are good to produce products that are layer composite and ladder change between fibers. This kind of product possess high porosity, good permeability , high effective dustcollecting, long using-life etc. Common character as ordinary filter felt have. Besides, owing to its medial temperature resistance (can teach to 1500 in short time) , medial anti-acid and anti-alkali, especially its excellent anti-abrasion, polyester needle punched filter felt have the largest quantity of turnouts grams are from 350g/m2 to 800g/m2, thickness are from 1mm to 4mm, all above products can be manufactured in our company. The surface treatment can be divided into singeing, calendering or coated etc according to different working conditions