Sell Polyesterimide Enamelled Round (Rectangular) Copper Wire

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Detailed Product Description
1) Composition: copper and polyester imide resin
2) Characteristics: excellent heat-shock resistance, high electrical properties
and mechanical strength
3) Applications: class H motors and electrical appliances
4) Rectangular wires:
a) Thickness: 1.00 - 4.00mm
b) Width: 2.00 - 12.50mm
5) Round wires: 0.10 - 5.00mm, SWG 6-43, AWG4-38
6) Applicable specification: GB6109.5, GB7095.4, IEC317-8, IEC 371-22, IEC317-28,
JISC3214, JISC3210, MW 30-C, MW1000-1996

Packing: according to customers' requirements