Sell Polyoxins

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CAS: 19396-06-6
Applications: sterol inhibitor (SI) fungicides inhibited development
of the powdery mildew fungi on leaves, fruits and leaves, and fruit clusters of field-grown apple trees, nectarine trees, and grapevines, respectively. The effectiveness of polyoxin B in controlling powdery mildews on apple trees and grapevines was similar to that of the standard treatment with the SI fungicides or sulphur.
Formulation types : AS; WP; DF

10% WP
Item Index
Appearance Brown granule
Content , w/v 10%min
Water, w/v 2%max
PH value 2.5. -4.5
Suspensibility 70% min
Stability test to heat storage OK
Stability test in low temperature OK

Packing :This product is packed in plastic polythen drums and net weight 25Kg per drum.