Sell Polypropylene needled felt

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We produces high-quality manufacturers of polypropylene fiber polypropylene needle felt filter. In addition to its ordinary needle felt some of the advantages of filtering, the result of PP more than polyester fiber excellent acid, alkaline and low softening point, the polypropylene used in flue gas temperature needled felt generally below 1000 and acid, occasions higher alkalinity or acidity alkalinity larger the field of liquid-solid separation. And frame filter, vacuum filter, bag filter, centrifugal filter liquid filter, such as supporting the use of separation equipment. Liquid-solid separation for the polypropylene fiber polypropylene carpet fibers with different specifications, and general or high-strength yarn fabric manufacturer enhanced, can be dealt with by the hot-rolled hair on fire.
Features of Polypropylene needled felt
Name Polypropylene, Polypropylene yarn Polypropylene, Polypropylene high tensile yarn
Weight (g/m2) 500 550 650
Thickness (mm) 2.1 2.3 2.5
(m3/m2/min) 12.6 10.8 8.4
Breaking strength Warp >=800 >=1200 >=1500
Weft >=1200 >=1500 >=1800
Elongation(%) Warp <35 <35 <35
Weft <35 <35 <35
Continuous Working Temp (0) <=88 <=88 <=88
Instant Working Temp (0) 110 110 110
Resistance to Acids Excellent Excellent Excellent
Resistance to Alkalis Excellent Excellent Excellent
Resistant to Hydrolysis Excellent Excellent Excellent
Finish treatment Singeing, calendaring, heat setting Double-sided calendaring