Sell Polysaccharide-peptide

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Generic Name: Polysaccharide-peptide
Description: A hazel powder, slightly soluble in water.
Pharmacology: Polysaccharide-peptide can control the growth of tumor cells such as lung cancer, stomach cancer, lymphoma, monocytic leukemia, ascitic fluid cancer, P388 leukemia and sarcoma-180. Polysaccharide-peptide can also recover leucocytes of the controlled lotus tumour organism and blood serum hemolysin HS50, improve phagocytic function of phagocyte and increase the content of interferon, interleukin-(IL-2) , immune globulin (IgG) and complement C3.
Indications: Combination with chemotherapy and actinotheraphy, polysaccharide-peptide can improve the effect, prolong the life and relieve the ill effect by chemotherapy and actinotheraphy. It can also get up the patients appetite, relieve the pain, decrease the descent of leucocytes, and improve the quality of existence.
Polysaccharide-peptide can help the body recover if the patient take it before or after the operation or chemotherapy and actinotheraphy.
Packing specification: 20 Kg per barrel.
Storage: At shady, cool and dry place.
Validity: 2 years.
Approved No. for Certification: Approved Document No. Z10980087
Polysaccharide-peptide belongs to 2 new drug of state.