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One-component, polyurethane cure sealant. Ease to use.
Excellent adhesion for most building materials including glass, ceramic, aluminum, plastic.
Excellent contact-change ability, no seasonal limited use.

Sealing of automobile parts, railway , containers and ship (as bonding, caulking, door and window seals, floorboard gap and so on waterproofing) .
Apply to metal containers , Air conditioning , plastic products and board Seals.

The sealed place must be completely cleaned and dried. If necessary, washing them with solvents such as toluene or acetone.
In order to keep better appear range. The joint of cover outside areas should be masked with tape before sealants apply.
Sealant can be repaired immediately and the masking tape should be removed before the sealant skins.
Previous using experiment is necessary beforehand.

Don't use in structure glazing.
Don't use in aquarium assembly and sealing.
Don't use in places where have permeated grease, plasticizer or solvent such as wood permeated oil, uncured or half-cured resins. Etc.
Don't use in Mobility over ??0% connect joints.
Don't use to joints which is hidden in earth or immersed in water for long time.
Don't use to complete sealing space, results to lack of hydrosphere can't good solidify.

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