Sell Polyurethane Waterproof Coating

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SPU-301H is a one component moisture-curing polyurethane waterproof coating especially used for horizontal plane. When this coating is applied on surface substrate, it has chemical reaction with the moisture in the air, and then it will form a seamless elastomeric rubber waterproof membrane.

Where to use
 Parking garages;
 Subways in open cut method;
 Kitchen or bathroom;
 Floors, balcony and unexposed roofs;
 Swimming pools, man-made fountain and other pools;
 Top plate at plazas.

 Good tensile strength and elongation;
 Both high and low temperature resistance;
 Strong adhesive;
 Seamless, no pinholes and bubbles;
 Resistance to long-term water erosion;
 Corrosion-resisting and mould-resisting;
 Convenient to apply.