Sell Polyurethane Windshield Sealants CH-860

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CH-860 polyurethane sealant is a kind of single-group moisture-gas-separation solidification type polyurethane sealant. It can be applied for the adhesive of vehicle
window glass or vehicle body sheet. It not only has the advantages of ageing-resistant, water-resistance, oil-resistance but also the excellent performance
of low temperature resistance and shocking-resistance when it is used for assembling
vehicle window glass. It features simple construction and can improve the
vehicle's sealing and rigidity, reduce shocking and noise inside the vehicle.

The solidification speed is fast when Ch-860 polyurethane adhesive is used for adhesive and sealing, with high strength and good thixotropy, one adhesive glue-line
with high strength and good elasticity will be formed after it being solidified.
This product show thick mushy, has higher initial stage adhesive strength, suitable
for applied at production line, it is the most ideal material for the adhesive
and sealing of structure at automobile assembling.

Application scopes:
1) The direct adhesive of vehicle windscreen glass
2) Adhesive of the side window and back window of vehicle

1) Skin drying time: <=45min.
2) Solidification speed: >=4mm/24h
3) Solidified content: >=97%
3) Density: 1.1810.02g/cm3
4) Hardness: >=45HA
5) Tensile-strength: >=5.0MPa
6) Rupturing and extending rate: >=400%
7) Shearing strength:>=4.5MPa
8) Tearing strength: >=12.0MPa

Inner packing:
Soft tube and aluminum cartridge
N. W. : 600ml, 400ml, 310ml

Outer packing:
20 cartridges/ctn
Available Colors