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Polyurethane foam sandwich panel is fit for the projects which have serious require of keeping warm. Polyurethane core material is considered to the best material in keeping warm and thermal insulation.
The Polyurethane block material become steady after it froth, then combining with metal plates. The characteristics of this technique are: the polyurethane froth, after this chemical reaction is stable, we cut the polyurethane into pieces which with different thickness. The polyurethane sheet material has stable physical performance, it can combine with prepainted gaivanized steel sheets, the surface is smooth and the whole performance is excellent.
The characteristics of polyurethane foam sandwich panel:
Polyurethane foam sandwich panel(the abbreviation of Polyurethane is PU sandwich panel) have characteristics of high load intensity, small water-absorptivity , and the stability in either low temperature or the high temperature is good, the service life is long, thermal insulation performance is outstanding and so on.
Good supporting, heat resistant, sound-insulated, sound absorption, light quality, non-toxic, odorless, green environmental protection.
Polyurethane foam sandwich panel can cementation with the steel plates, the cements, the fiberboards, the bricks and many kinds of materials very strongly, in usual situation, it would not fall off and still strengthen its thermal insulation and waterproofing effects.
The unique produce foaming craft made the products have exquisite and even abscesses, the Thermal conductivity is low, the size stability is good, is very suitable for both of the low pressure and the high pressure construction.
Polyurethane foam plastic, s thermal stability is quite good, when the temperature is lower than 120 C, the volume and the intensity have no obvious change, its Thermal conductivity is small, when the density is 0.03kg/m3, the heat conductivity is only 63J(m. h. k) (15cal/m. h. k) .
It can be widely used as structural materials and heatproof materials in petroleum industry, chemical industry, construction , packing, refrigeration, military industry, space industry, aviation, transportation and industrial model design and other various aspects .
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