Sell Polyvinyl Alcohol(PVOH, PVA)

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Polyvinyl Alcohol(PVOH, PVA) . Appearance: white or light yellow floc, Granular or powdery in appearance
Application: In textile industry, PVOH is mainly used as a warp dressing agent, textile finishing agent and the raw material of vinylon; in construction and upholstery industry 107 glue, it's used as an additive of cement and mortar, inner and outer wall paints, and moulding board binder; and in chemical industry, it's used as a polymer emulsifying agent, dispersing agent and used to produce PVOH formal, PVOH acetal and PVOH butyral. It's used as an adhesive in lumbering and paper-making industries, used as a soil improving agent, pesticide reinforcing agent and PVOH thin film in agriculture, and used as a well-fixing agent in petroleum exploitation. It can also be used into cosmetic, medicine, printing, ceramics, steel-making, electronics and plating.