Sell Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP K-30 90)

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Product: Polyvinylpyrrolidone ( PVP K-30 90)

CAS No: 9003-39-8

Chemical Formular: (C6H9NO) n

Appearance: white powder or aqueous solution.

A: In field of cosmetc:PVP series can be used as filming-agent, viscosity-enhancement agent, lubricator and adhesive. They are the key component of hair sprays , mousse, gels and lotions, hair-dring reagent and shampoo in hair-care products and the key component of lip-stick, sunscreem and lotions in skin-care products and also that of eye makeup, deodorant and dentifrice, etc.

B: In field of pharmaceutical:PVP-K30 is a new and excellent pharmaceutical excipient. It is mainly used as binder for tablet, dissolving assistant for injection, flow assistant for capsule, dispersant for liquid, medicine and stain, stabilizer for enzyme and heat sensitive drug, coprecipitant for poorly soluble drugs, lubricator and antitoxical assistant for eye drug.

C: In field of other vtilities: Paint and coating, plastics and resin adhesive, glass fiber, film, ink, TV tube, detergent, biocide, tabulating assistant, textile dyeing and printing, etc.

Packing: 25kg/drum lined with PE bags