Sell Pomegranate Juice Concentrate

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Name: Pomegranate Juice Concentrate
1. Brix 11,60,65
2. Colour: Gem-erd
3. Total acid:30g/L max.
4. Total bacterial count: Nmt 100/ml
5. Coliform:: Nmt 3/ml
Package: Packing in asepsis bag made of alliminocis mliltiplex material cover with metal pail 200-250kg/pail

Name: Pomegranate Seed Oil
Botanical Name- Punica granatum
Origin- China
Extraction- Cold Pressed/ CO2
Shelf life- 14-16 months
Kosher Certified- No

Color- Soft Amber
Odor- Characteristic/Slightly Fruity
Free Fatty Acids- 3.88
Peroxide Value- <2
Iodine Value-
Specific Gravity- 0.939
Specification: Punicic acid 60%-80%
There are six kinds of main fatty acid in the oil of seed of pomegranate: Punicic acids, oleic acid, Linolenic acid, Palmitic acid etc. The Punicic acids about 80% in the oil of pomegranate. There is extremely strong resisting ability of oxidizing. Resist the human inflammation and destruction function of the free radical of oxygen effectively. Delay old and feeble function. Prevent the scleratheroma and slowing down the canceration process. here are wide application prospects in medicines and health protection, food, cosmetics industry .
Fatty Acids
Icosanoic- 0.4%
Linoleic- 13.5%
Linolenic (Conjugated) - 4.4%
Linolenic (Alpha) - 0.4%
Oleic- 11.1%
Palmitic- 4.3%
Punicic- 61.9%
Stearic- 2.5%