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Pomegranate Dyer
The native land of a pomegranate is Middle East, Azerbaijan.
The culture of a pomegranate was known in Babylon for 5 thousand years up to AD. In old indian manuscripts there are data on treatment by its juice of patients by a hemophilia (leukemia) . Juice of a pomegranate possesses anti-scorbutic properties, raises appetite, reduces thirst, adjusts activity of a stomach, renders on an organism , anesthetizing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action, stimulates to urine and bile secretion.
Hippocrates appointed pomegranate juice at gastric pains. Juice of a pomegranate as a medical product has not lost the value and today. Pomegranate juice apply - at hypertonic illness, a tachycardia, sinus arhitmia, urine and bile illnesses, a fever, a malaria as freshening and a febrifuge, stimulations against cough and a headache. The use of juice of a pomegranate is rather effective at a diabetes: on 100 gramme 4 times day up to meal.
Juice of a pomegranate causes radiprotection effect, therefore he should be used to people which work with radioactive isotopes, live in the territories polluted radio nuclidas
Flame - red, not fading in any heat, strong flowers of a pomegranate were considered in ancient Greece as a symbol of ardent all-conquering love.
It is rather curious, that fruits of a pomegranate are widely known bible "apples", grown on +lives ; in a paradise garden. Them it is mentioned in the Bible, instead of true apples which in those days were not raised in the near East, and have got to Palestine much later
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