Sell Pomegranate juice concentrate with exellent taste

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Dear Sirs,

I would like to give some brief information about our concentrate and raw material .
Please note that Azerbaijan has been the main source for many years to USSR for pomegranate and related products. The main reason for this is the high quality of raw material. Our Goychay area is famous with its pomegranates which are dark red and very rich in polyphelnols which are the main antioxidants of this fruit.
We paid attention during our investment to choose the right machines in order to manufacture a high quality end product , this means we have special machines in order to soft separate the pieces and automatically removal of skins, a special belt press in order to obtain good quality with good yield , fall in film type evaporators of latest technology in order to concentrate the product with minimum HMF and with maximum color quality , latest technology of enzymation , stabilization and filtration systems, and finally the aseptic filling units for final storage of the product .
We have ISO and HACCP certificates and we applied for Kosher
Next year we are targeting to produce 2000 tons of pomegranate concentrate and for next year we have many customers for NFC pomegranate juice.
We guarantee that our product are 100% puree and without any additive
It is our first year. (6 months)

This year being the first year we have produced the followings :

Pomegranate juice Concentrate : 480 Tons
Apple juice concentrate :115 tons
Tomato Paste hot break 28-30 Bx : 50 tons

This year the trials were done with the below mentioned fruits and next year there will be a higher production for :
Quince puree
Plump puree
Rosehip puree
Meddle puree
Blueberry puree
Sour cherry concentrate
Apricote puree
Peach puree

The products we have now in stock have the following prices :

Pomegranate Juice concentrate : 5,8 USD /kg LA port.

The specifications of Pommegranate juice concentrate is as follows :

*Bx : 65 (+ - 1)
Aidity : 6-9 %
pH : 2,85 - 3,4
HUE520/430 *Bx=16 : min 1
T. A. % : 5 + - 2,5
Colour : Natural
Packing : 250 kg aseptic bags ( Bag in drum )
Storage Temperature : -15 `C

No additives and clear .

Specifications of Apple Juice Concentrate
`Bx : 72+ - 1
Acidity : 2,3 - 3,0%
pH : 3,0 - 4, 0
Colour : Natural
Packing : 250 kg aseptic bags ( bag in drum )

Specifications of Tomato Paste

`Bx : 28 - 30
Aciditiy : 2 - 3 %
pH : 3 - 4,5
Colour : Natural
Hunter lab : a/b = 2,3
Packaging : 220 kg aseptic bags ( bag in drum )
No additive , natural tomato paste .

Please note that we are aware of the prices in Iran , according to raw material quality
there are different prices . We kindly ask you to compare our prices with those who give importance to quality . We want to stabilize some strong businessrelations with serious companies like you in all over the world and as a first step we would like to invite you to our factory in Qabele in order to show you our facilities and organization which might give you a wider idea of who we are .
Kindly don`t hesitate to contact us for any questions that may arise , waiting your kind reply

Best Regards ,

Rovshan Ferhadov
Plant Director
Qabele Konserv Factory
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